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House Churches Unlimited

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This book addresses the dangers and delights of the house church format. It covers support and accountability, advantages and disadvantages, leadership and mentoring issues, worship and sacramental needs, conflict resolution and preaching, starting and multiplying house churches.

This work originally appeared in a book titled “House Churches Unlimited” by I. G. Spong in 1998. This is an updated version.


Pat Summitt on family

House churching, or whatever your preferred terminology, presumes a (hopefully somewhat stable) family. After all, church is family. And family is the cradle of society, too.

Here is a short audio clip released earlier this week by my fellow Tennessean and award winning coach of the UT Lady Vols. Pat has observed kids for more than 40 years and has now concluded: 

… parents are too concerned to be the child’s friend rather than the child’s parent …

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